Debt Ceilings

  • Here's Why Republicans Should Not Be Getting Into Burning Man

    Tax-hater and Congressional bully Grover Norquist just announced that he's attending Burning Man, which is ironic, because the festival is about as bureaucratic as the US government itself.

  • The Continued Stupidity of the Government Shutdown

    The world economy might be in danger thanks to a group of Republicans stuck in a feedback loop of information and a few powerful men committed to playing an extremely high-stakes game of chicken. This is not good.

  • The Do-Nothing Congress Has to Do Everything at Once

    The most inefficient Congress in history will soon have to vote on Syria, solve two budget crises, avoid a government shutdown, and figure out a deal to renew farm subsidies and the food stamp program.

  • Obama's State of the Union Address, Decoded

    If you listened carefully, the 2013 State of the Union address resembled a man walking into his girlfriend’s house, standing in front of her, and telling her everything that’s wrong with her and what she should do to fix it.

  • Take a Stroll... with Rob Delaney - Debt Ceilings, Debt Feelings

    The news is dominated by the deficit talks in Washington right now. Simply put, the Republicans want to close the gap through cuts only, Democrats want to do it with a combination of cuts and revenue, and Tea Partiers want to do it through a...