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  • New, More Accurate Serving Sizes on Labels Are Going to Scare You

    Will anyone heed the harsh realities of these new labels set forth by the FDA, which disclose the full amount of fat and sugar in your favorite foods?

  • Picky Eaters Tend to Be More Depressed and Anxious than the Rest of Us

    Researchers have found that kids who hate to try anything beyond French fries and chicken tenders are more likely to have mental health issues and ADHD.

  • You'll Die Young If You Only Eat Your Five-a-Day

    Forget the old five-a-day mantra. Scientists now say we should eat seven portions of fruit and vegetables a day. But is that even possible?

  • Life After Food

    Soylent is a sci-fi-inspired nutrient shake, and for an entire month it was the only thing I ate. Here's what happened over the course of my 30-day deep dive into the Silicon Valley-driven future of food.

  • What Celebrities Eat at Golden Corral

    David Lynch goes over to the steak station where a guy in a white coat asks him how he wants his steak cooked. David Lynch asks if he can just have a raw piece of the meat. The cook says that’s not allowed. David Lynch asks why that’s not allowed. The...