• The Prime Minister of Dick Is the Best Penis Artist on Earth

    Meet the Prime Minister of Dick, or PMD for short. He's a South African artist who "slings dicks and dicktures" for a living—i.e. absurd, surreal, and sometimes brilliant illustrations of, well, penises.

  • This Romanian Mayor Might Have Accepted Millions in Bribes, but at Least He Looks Fabulous

    Throughout his 19 years in charge, Mayor Radu Mazăre has donned some pretty elaborate costumes. Here are his ten best.

  • The Frenzied Conspiracy Theories of Jeff Boss

    Jeff was wallpapering Times Square with big photocopied broadsides when I first met him. He was clutching one that read: “JEFF BOSS WITNESSED THE NSA ARRANGE 911.” He saw me watching him. “Do you work for the NSA?” he asked.

  • Irma's World

    My grandmother’s name is Irma. She’s 100 years old. She grew up over a German butcher shop in Buffalo, New York, and spent her life traveling the West as a biochemist. I moved in with her in New Mexico last winter. She’s lots of fun.