English breakfast

  • Is Congealed Pig's Blood Really a Superfood?

    Last month, UK tabloids hailed black pudding—a staple of the English breakfast—as a superfood. We called up a health expert to find out if a fatty sausage made of blood is truly good for you.

  • Britain's Biggest Breakfast Almost Killed Me

    I went to the Wonder Café to take on its infamous breakfast challenge: four fried slices of bread, four slices of toast, four eggs, six sausages, six rashers of bacon, six hash browns, four black pudding, plum tomatoes, beans, and mushrooms with a catch.

  • A London Bartender Is Serving Christmas Cocktails Out of Stockings

    As with all of Myles Donneky’s cocktails, every sip has a story. One of his personal best is based on a line from his grandmother's favorite poem—about old women who just want to go out and party and spend their pension on Champagne.

  • South Korea Doesn’t Do Breakfast

    When you grow up in England, breakfast is a sacred event, but when I went to visit South Korea for the first time, I was shocked to discover that it doesn't exist there.