faking it

  • How to Fake an Orgasm (A Guide for Dudes)

    It's ridiculous for a guy to even try to fake an orgasm. I mean, there’s hard fucking evidence of a dude’s climax, making it mind-numbingly obvious when he doesn’t. I’ve only experienced a dude attempting to fake an orgasm once, and it was probably the...

  • New Book: Botox Makes You Happier Because It Keeps You from Frowning

    If you can't frown, the logic goes, it makes you less unhappy. But maybe we're just crying on the inside.

  • Women Fake Orgasms To Have Better Sex, Apparently

    Most of the women interviewed in "a recent study":http://www.livescience.com/14451-fear-intimacy-faking-orgasm.html performed by Erin Cooper of Temple University said they did it to save their egos, or their energy, victims as they are of "anorgasmia...