• Panda to Sochi: Mariupol on video

    Mariupol, one of the most industrial cities of Ukraine cought our attention for some very decent sports action.

  • Panda to Sochi: Kherson on video

    Our way to a place called Kherson was different. In many ways. It was way colder than before and therefore one of us did a naked sun downer run, romantic of course.

  • Panda to Sochi: Odessa #2 on video

    After exploring the catacombs of Odessa, the crew of Panda to Sochi returned to the more cheerful aspects of the town in this second video.

  • Panda to Sochi: Odessa #1 on video

    A little dive into the parallel universum below the surface of one of the most important cities of the Ukraine and it‘s very doubting cavepaintings.

  • Panda to Sochi: Day 16

    The Russian Riviera is exactly what we thought it will look like. We were welcomed by palm trees and the smell of the Black Sea coast. Russia is showing us a new face, far away of a fat vodka-nose!

  • Panda to Sochi: Day 15

    Thousands of kilometers later, we arrived in Russia and are having an enormous dinner. Propably the most Russian experience we can ever get.