Green Dragon

  • Sour Diesel Weed-Infused Rob Roy Recipe

    This cocktail plays up the skunky aroma of Sour Diesel by combining it with a peaty Scotch that's not too smoky. A really sweet vermouth with a rich vegetal backbone rounds everything out.

  • You Should Be Drinking Your Weed

    The world of marijuana-infused edibles is quickly exploding—but why stop at pot brownies? We've got six recipes for weed-charged cocktails right here for your drinking pleasure.

  • Strain-Specific Concoctions are the Future of Cannabis Craft Cocktails

    Legendary bartender Don Lee has decided to come out of the cannabis closet and graciously agreed to push the weed cocktail conversation further by creating three strain-specific original libations using the distinctly different flavors of three of his...