jack slack

  • The Elements of Style: The Jab

    A jab is as personal to a fighter as his signature or fingerprint: some flick, some jolt, some hit nothing but air. We discuss the dynamics and styles of the greatest fighters to lace up gloves.

  • Fightland Presents: The 2015 Slacky Awards

    The last UFC card of the year is in the books and it's time to look back. Jack Slack recounts his Best Gameplan, Technical Turnaround, Low Fight IQ and Breakout Technique of 2015.

  • Ringcraft Companion: Conor McGregor and Changing Priorities

    Conor McGregor has noticeably moved away from his counter fighting roots and become one of the game's most aggressive kickers. We examine how and why fighters change so significantly with a few famous examples.

  • Jack Slack's Ringcraft: A Study In Conor McGregor

    Jack Slack examines the technical and strategic development of McGregor from counter puncher to hyper aggressive kicker in the third episode of Ringcraft.

  • Holohan versus Smolka: A Storm of Submissions

    Louis Smolka and Paddy Holohan performed out of their skin to save the UFC Dublin card. We look at their tremendous grappling match, and the best and worst of the other fights around the world over the weekend.

  • Holohan vs Smolka: Breaking the MMA Drought

    It's not the card we wanted but UFC Fight Night Dublin is set to break the two week drought of MMA. We take a look at the main event and the other happenings in the sport this weekend.