Joseph Cox

  • How Jihadists Use the Internet

    Islamic extremists probably know how to work the web better than you do. But how has that changed in the wake of the revelations of NSA spying? We asked a few experts what the future holds for jihadists and the internet.

  • Benzo Fury and NBOMe Are Going to the Legal High Graveyard

    But as soon as one dies, three more pop up in its place.

  • India's Nuclear Scientists Keep Dying Mysteriously

    Indian nuclear scientists haven't had an easy time of it over the past decade. Not only has the scientific community been plagued by "suicides," unexplained deaths, and sabotage, but those incidents have gone mostly underreported in the country.

  • Good News, Drug Users - Silk Road Is Back!

    After the FBI seized the deep web's favorite drug market and arrested its alleged founder Ross Ulbricht last month, the online marketplace cum libertarian movement has found a new home, and we were treated to an early tour of the site.

  • Buy 'Illegal!' Magazine So Its Vendors Can Buy More Drugs

    Copenhagen has come up with a new way to help drug addicts and fight street crime. Illegal! is a magazine that hard drug users can buy for $1.80 and sell to the public for around $5.00, enabling them to buy more drugs without having to rob...