• Flavours With Subtitles: A Separation

    What if A Separation was a three-course meal? Tim Richmond—chef at Melbourne's eatery/cinema Longplay—creates three Farhadi-inspired dishes to answer that very question.

  • Flavours With Subtitles: 8 ½

    Tim Richmond—chef at Melbourne's cinema-eatery Longplay—turns the classic 1963 film 8 ½ into three Fellini-inspired dishes.

  • Flavours with Subtitles: Delicatessen

    What if Caro & Jeunet's cannibal-themed classic, Delicatessen, was a three course meal? That's the question Tim Richmond, chef at Melbourne eatery/cinema Longplay, tries to answer in this first episode of Flavours With Subtitles.