• Now That Dave Eggers Has Been Accused of Plagiarism, We Finally Have Something in Common

    Authors accusing and being accused of plagiarism is nothing new, and to the world outside of publishing, it’s a minor scandal. There’s nothing Miley about a white nerd calling out another white nerd.

  • Emily Dickinson Was So Horny and Ready to Die

    Paul Legault's new book, 'The Emily Dickinson Reader,' offers greatly condensed and often aphorism-like statements, termed here 'English-to-English' translations, each based on the 1,789 poems Dickinson produced in her lifetime. One by one he entirely...

  • Diane Williams's Sticky Secrets

    'Vicky Swanky Is a Beauty,' Williams’s newest collection, reminds me of David Lynch in a different way than things usually remind me of David Lynch