midterms 2014

  • I Spent Election Day Getting Out the Vote with Male Models from 'Cosmo'

    Cosmopolitan sent a party bus full of male models to get out the vote in North Carolina on Tuesday. Turns out, they were needed.

  • Weed Won the Midterms

    In a blow to prohibitionists, Oregon and Alaska became the third and fourth states to fully legalize weed Tuesday. Voters in Washington, D.C., also approved a sweeping measure to legalize the drug.

  • How Republicans Will Make Life Hell for Barack Obama

    The GOP is now preparing to take control of the Senate for the first time in eight years--a political power shift that gives the party free rein to torment President Barack Obama for the next two years.

  • Midterms 2014: Live Blog of Ignorance

    Live campaign dispatches and everything else you need to know about Election Day 2014.

  • Yes, the Midterms Actually Do Matter

    Voter choices today will directly impact the quality of air we breathe, how much we pay in taxes, and whether the country's broken immigration system gets fixed before we start collecting Social Security.

  • Why I'm Not Voting

    Are we wrong for not performing our civic duty to vote when it's so easy to feel like our leaders aren't doing theirs?