Military technology

  • Is Elon Musk Going to War with General Stanley McChrystal?

    Elon Musk is currently locked in a bitter dispute with Lockheed Martin and Boeing for contracts worth billions of dollars—and now the lobbying firm tied to a notorious retired general is joining the party.

  • The Navy's New Super Warship Looks Like a Tiny Fishing Boat on Radar

    Remember _The Hunt for the Red October_, that terrific movie from the 1990s starring Alec Baldwin and Sean Connery running around on submarines? The Red October was this new Soviet super sub that was virtually undetectable by radar and rigged up with...

  • The Navy's New Electric Railgun Is Absolutely Terrifying

    Normally I tend to ignore anything happening with military technology advancement, first of all because the fact that some of the most cutting edge scientific research goes towards creating better and more efficient human killing machines is terrifying...

  • Scorpions are Aerodynamically Tuned to Beat the Desert

    You may think of scorpions in terms of their offensive weapons - that is, the badass stinger of your wildest nightmares – but they’re also evolved in the defense department too. "New research":, published...