• Mutsuo

    Mutsuo wraps up his 'Tattoo Age' series by taking a little trip to his hometown. After a brief tour of the local temples, and a quick trip to his house, we sit down with Mutsuo for a philosophical take on what tattooing means to him. Enjoy.

  • Mutsuo

    In this episode of 'Tattoo Age' we delve into the history of Three Tides Tattoo.

  • Mutsuo

    This series revolves around an artist named Mutsuo who tattoos at the world-famous Three Tides Tattoo in Osaka, Japan. Mutsuo went from one of the shop's first customers to its first apprentice, and now he is considered its most senior tattoo artist.

  • Mutsuo - Trailer

    Mutsuo tattoos at Three Tides in Osaka, Japan. In his episode, you'll hear from Chris Garver, Masa Sakamoto, Hiroshi Hirokawa, and Nami about how Mutsuo learned to tattoo in pretty much every style.

  • Season 2 Trailer

    'Tattoo Age' is back. We traveled to London and Osaka and even all the way to stinky Manhattan to interview three talented tattooers, including old master Thom deVita, who was working in New York City back when tattooing was illegal in all five...