naked sushi

  • Is Naked Sushi All About the Nigiri or the Nudity?

    Mark Scharaga, the "Naked Sushi King," sees the model as part of the aesthetic, not the main course itself. “We’re not selling sex—we’re selling an experience with a beautiful woman or man,” he claims.

  • Sex + Food: Body Sushi

    Our host Kimberly Kane channels her inner 18th-century Samurai as she gets treated to a private sushi dinner in the Hollywood Hills. The twist? The sushi has been elaborately plated on a naked woman, and Kimberly herself strips down for the main course.

  • I Tried To Spice Up My Sex Life By Becoming a Naked Sushi Platter

    As an experienced and mature woman who has fully embraced her sexuality, I assumed that recreating the tradition of naked sushi at home could have been the ultimate food-based, role-playing sexual fantasy. Food enthusiasts of the world, am I right?