new visions

  • 'Don't Touch Your Face'

    The work of South Korea-born artist Eui-Jip Hwang examines unattainable beauty standards and consumer culture. Writer Summer Kim Lee reflects on how those same standards shaped her idea of belonging and Korean American identity while growing up.

  • In Colombia, Two Generations of DJs Fight to Keep a Subculture Alive

    Photographer Stefanie Moshammer's latest series highlights Colombia's píco culture, with its hand-painted towers of speakers. Writer Christina Noriega explains the traditions behind the subculture and what it will take to sustain them.

  • How Zhongjia Sun Turns Ads Into Absurd Still Lifes

    Shanghai-based photographer Zhongjia Sun uses the language of merchandising to make surreal sets that turns advertising on its head, often while infusing them with Chinese cultural references.