Raymond Carver

  • Kyle Thomas

    Calgary-based director Kyle Thomas's first feature film, The Valley Below, is a Raymond Carver-esque multi-narrative drama set in the badlands of Alberta that is drawing accolades from the film press. We followed Thomas as he navigated his first...

  • If You're Going to Read Plays, Read Annie Baker's

    Annie Baker, who won the Pulitzer for her play The Flick, believes that “every single person on this planet is a genius and an idiot” and “any given person you walk by on the street could be brilliant and also deluded and insane.”

  • What We Talk About When We Talk About a Couple of Carver's Short Stories

    Yesterday I got roasted for a Comedy Central program that will air on Labor Day. Naturally, that made me think of Raymond Carver, the American short story writer who's regarded as one of the masters of the form, even though he isn't all that funny.