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  • How Syrian Refugee Mums Are Becoming Food Entrepreneurs in Toronto

    At Newcomer Kitchen, a project of Toronto restaurant The Depanneur, refugee women make traditional Syrian food—the kind of food they grew up on, the kind of food they serve their families, the kind of food that can't be found anywhere else.

  • Meet the Falafel King of the Idomeni Refugee Camp

    At the Idomeni refugee camp on the border of Greece and Macedonia, you’ll find Syrian chef Tamer: frying chicken, mixing yogurt-tahini sauce, and barking orders to his eager cohort of line cooks.

  • This Former Prison Is Cooking Meals for Syrian Refugees

    After a catering company provided meals that were lacking in spice, one talented cook took over the kitchen at an Amsterdam refugee center to create amazing meals and build a staff with a unique outlook.

  • Minneapolis Is a Paradise of Somali Food

    The Somali community of Minneapolis largely consists of people forced to flee their country due to decades of civil war, but they can still have a taste of home without leaving the city.

  • Refugee Chefs: Halimo

    Halimo learned to cook while living in a Somali refugee camp in Kenya for over a decade, then landed in Oakland, California, to build a new life.

  • What It's Like to Cook in a Syrian Refugee Camp

    In the Kahramanmaras camp in Turkey, Syrian refugees are able to recreate a small piece of home through their cooking, thanks to an innovative voucher and supermarket system by the World Food Programme.