• An Open Letter to the Worst Wax Museum in America

    Some suggestions for the Hollywood Wax Museum.

  • Dear Children's Place, I'm Sorry

    I'd like to take this opportunity to apologize to The Children's Place for designing one of their graphics a few seasons before they released it to the world. I'm really sorry, y'all. If I'd known that you were going to be using the same exact concept...

  • Please Stop Making Those Ironic Fashion T-Shirts

    If you still think it's funny to make fun of Chanel or Maison Martin Margiela with a forced pun embroidered poorly on a beanie or T, maybe it's time you get an adult sense of humor. These brand rips are getting dry, and they look like crap anyway.

  • The Summer Camp That Made Me a Commie

    At 15, I attended a week-long summer camp devoted to the power and glory of free enterprise that explored both the philosophical arguments for capitalism as well as the practical reality of it. I came out of it with a realization of just how awful the...