Scot Sothern

  • High School Hijinks

    It's 1965 and photographer Scot Sothern is driving to St. Louis with his high school to see a basketball game. He downs a pint of rum and ends up naked in a hotel lobby at four in the morning.

  • Shooting Up a Confederate Barn on New Year's 1970

    Photographer Scot Sothern looks back at some of the weirdest New Year's nights he's had.

  • ​Working at the Carwash Blues

    It's 1970, and I work a couple of days a week at a Newport Beach carwash for $1.50 an hour, which keeps me in Banquet TV dinners, Hostess cherry pies, and Kool Kings.

  • My Summer at Fantastic Caverns, Missouri's Drive-Through Cave

    It's 1966, and I develop photos of tourists in a leaky darkroom and sell them for a buck each and hope they don't fade before the people drive away.

  • Special Ed and the Turkey Factory

    It's 1962, and mother wants me to learn humility. So she takes me away from afternoon cartoons to deliver care packages from the church to families experiencing hardship.

  • My First Time in the Drunk Tank

    I remember a bottle of Bacardi rum, going to a party, stripping naked, following my stiff wiener, and chasing girls around.