• 'The Seitanic Spellbook' Is the Vegan Black Metal Bible

    We caught up with The Black Metal Vegan Chef to chat about his new Seitanic Spellbook and his mission to one day rid the world of meat consumption.

  • Tempeh Is the Underdog of the Fake Meat World

    If plant proteins can be classified by high school clique, tofu is the jock, seitan the punk, and tempeh the stoner. Tempeh is the more versatile one, the more nutritionally complex one, the more delicious one—but it’s also the weird one.

  • Deadheads Forever Changed the Way We Eat

    Who popularized the health food store, organics, farm fresh produce, and the grow-your-own movement? Who spread the good word about vegetarianism, veganism, raw food, macrobiotics, and sustainability? Deadheads, that's who.