• Sex + Food: Sploshing

    Host Kimberly Kane visits an LA fetish studio to explore sploshing, a fetish that involves the smearing, wiping, throwing, and drizzling of food on the body.

  • What I Learned Studying Cannibal Play, Balloon Sex, and More

    Katharine Gates has spent decades documenting niche fetishes. She told us what fetishists can teach the #MeToo movement.

  • Juicy, Wet Nachos Are the Only Kind I’ll Put in My Mouth

    On a recent afternoon, I drank pissy beer and listened to a plate of nachos. I brought one chip to my lip, rimming her edges with my tongue. Using my teeth as a lever, I pulled down. I could feel her body stiffen, then bend and grow taut. And then I...

  • Whipped Cream Is Child's Play in the World of Sploshing

    Germophobes and serious bakers might find it difficult to get their head around the world of Wet and Messy (WAM), a fetishism that usually sees participants spending their evenings smearing their entire bodies in vanilla-scented cake batter.

  • I Had a Food Fight with a Food Fetishist

    My initial plan was a series of interviews. I would talk to a few different people about their obscure fetishes in an effort to find out what exactly was so hot about a woman sitting on you like you're a chair or knowing someone really needs to pee or...