• The Station to Station Train Throws a Party in Pittsburgh and Sets Off Towards Chicago

    I got up Sunday morning a few minutes before six and was on a plane to Pittsburgh by 8:30am. I was inside the train at noon. Since I am a well-respected journalist from VICE, someone put me to work right away, folding and organizing piles of clothes...

  • I Saved a Girl in the Disco Yurt at Station to Station's New York Debut

    I have a laminated pass with my named Sharpie’d on it. For some reason, people thinks this makes me important. Really, I’m just wandering around Riverfront Studios in Brooklyn, checking out the New York debut of Station to Station: a public art...

  • Mixed Mediums: Chicago

    London-based artist , Hannah Waldron meets Chicago street artist, Left Handed Wave to create a mural inspired by Hannah’s delicate patterns and Left Handed Wave’s signature character.

  • I'm About to Go Live on a Train with Famous People

    Welcome to Station to Station, a public art project by artist Doug Aitken has made a reality through Levi's. Through this collaboration, they will partner with iconic American brands & people that embody the pioneering spirit of America.

  • Space Shuttle Parking Lot: Tailgating the Rocket Launch

    Who needs a space shuttle? Three decades after it first launched, the experimental ship became so familiar to the American psyche that its trips to space were often registered by little more than a late segment on the evening news. Like a bizarre...