• Veal Mantia Recipe

    Fill homemade egg pasta with veal and sweetbreads, then toss in brown butter and serve over yogurt in this soul-warming Greek recipe.

  • Chef Fergus Henderson Made Positivity Cool in the Kitchen

    Legendary chef Fergus Henderson didn't only change the landscape of food with St. John. He also inspired a whole new kitchen attitude—one of calmness, respect, and positivity, you shithead.

  • Taco Talk with Wes Avila of Guerrilla Tacos and the Band Roses

    Of all the jolly bearded taco mongers in LA, Wes Avila is the jolliest and the beardiest. We introduced Wes to our buds in the band Roses and of course they talked about tacos while eating tacos for a while. We also drank beers and watched Roses play a...

  • My America, by David Cross

    How can you allow yourself to be bored when you’ve got rare, delicious foods being brought to your lips by effeminate Frenchmen?