Sydney Leathers

  • Sydney Leathers Lived in My Apartment for a Week

    Anthony Weiner's notorious sexting partner visited me for my college graduation.

  • Monica Lewinsky Could Have Been Paris Hilton

    If Monica Lewinsky had embraced her identity as the world's most famous other woman, she could have been Paris Hilton four years before The Simple Life aired.

  • Why Did Sydney Leathers Try to Auction Off Bits of Her Labia?

    Since she became famous for being Anthony Weiner's sexting partner, the former aspiring lawyer has become a reclusive D-list celebrity who rarely leaves her apartment but has gone on Howard Stern, starred in a porno, and attempted to sell bits of her...

  • Gina Rodriguez: The D-List Diva

    Pick a celebrity you really hate. Think of the most awful famous-for-being-famous, always-in-TMZ piece of garbage you can, someone who would scare the cast of Keeping Up With the Kardashians. No matter whose name is in your mind, Gina Rodriguez...

  • Good Riddance to Anthony Weiner

    Anthony Weiner's campaign is falling apart thanks to his habit of sending photos of his dong to ladies who aren't his wife, but there are lots and lots of other reasons why he's a terrible person who doesn't deserve to see elected office ever again...