• Is the Egyptian Government Finally Taking Action Against Sexual Harassment?

    The law in Egypt refers to a rapist as, “whosoever has sexual intercourse with a female without her consent,” but it doesn't cover penetration short of full sex or with things that aren't body parts.

  • Death and Jubilation in Egypt On the Third Birthday of Its Revolution

    The fractured country continues to wage war on itself.

  • A Divided Egypt Battles with Fireworks, Rocks, and Guns

    The young man's face was covered in a flag made to serve as a bloody, makeshift shroud. His unconscious head bounced with the jog of the men who carried him. He was among hundreds hurt in Cairo on Friday, when tens of thousands of supporters of former...

  • We Saw the Egyptian Military Stage a Coup in Cairo

    As I write now, the center of Cairo is a sea of beeping vehicles and cheering crowds, with attack helicopters making laps of honor above us. An army-appointed judge is now the face of military rule, erasing the one-year blip of democratic government in...

  • Morsi Ousted in Military Coup, Tahrir Rejoices

    Egypt's embattled president, Mohammed Morsi, defied a military ultimatum to address concerns voiced by millions of protesters who have taken to the streets in recent days. Today a gigantic crowd has assembled in Cairo's Tahrir Square calling for Morsi...

  • Workers' Rights in Egypt Stalled Two Years After the Revolution

    Hundreds of workers joined unemployed youth, students, and other groups opposed to President Mohamed Morsi's government and marched to commemorate May Day in Cairo Wednesday, calling for minimum-wage reform and the right to unionize.