The True Crime Issue

  • The Face of Camden

    The Magnum photographer has always preferred to take pictures “close,” working not by classic fly-on-the-wall documentarian methodology but by getting so up in the action that there’s little chance anything can be lost in the distance between point A...

  • The Joker Broker: Doing Business with the World’s Foremost Vendor of Nonexistent Oil

    Francisco Javier González Álvarez’s life is shrouded in secrecy, but we know this: He was born December 3, 1949, in La Laguna, in the Canary Islands, off of Spain. The next 45 years are a bit of a blank—nothing to indicate he would become the world’s...

  • Chicago's Torture Victims Want Justice

    Starting in 1971, more than 100 black men in Chicago were tortured and forced to confess to serious crimes as part of a police-sanctioned campaign that continued for almost 20 years under then Police Commander Jon Burge.

  • Russian Hackers Have Been Robbing US Banks for a Long Time

    In July 1994, Citibank officials notified the FBI of what was then a novel crime: Hundreds of thousands of dollars had simply disappeared from corporate bank accounts. By October of that year, the total had ballooned to $10 million. It was, according...

  • Four Years on Line with the Amityville Horror

    They ran meds before breakfast, so I used to see the back of Ronald DeFeo Jr.'s head every morning before the sun was up.

  • Ephren Taylor’s Disastrous Megachurch Ponzi Scheme

    How Ephren Taylor, the son of a small-town minister and self-proclaimed "social capitalist," conned thousands of churchgoers out of their life savings.