Tony Clifton

  • The Hollywood Show Is For Old, Washed-Up Celebrities

    The weekend-long expo allows nostalgic movie buffs to meet some people from M.A.S.H. (the movie, not the TV show) and the Soup Guy from Seinfeld, among others—all for $20. It's the deal of the century, if you're totally lame.

  • Is Andy Kaufman Still Alive? Probably Not

    I was a judge at Monday night's Andy Kaufman Awards, where some lady who claimed to be Andy's daughter came up onstage and talked with Andy's brother, Michael. It was awkward for everyone.

  • On the Road with Tony Clifton

    Tony Clifton is a piece of performance art who has outlived his creator, legendary comic Andy Kaufman, by two decades. He's having a comeback of sorts, thanks at least in part to Jeremy Johnson, a filmmaker who has been working for Clifton—and his...