• Photos of the Only Worldly Possessions of LA's Homeless Population

    I went down to Skid Row to document the homeless population and the things they choose to keep in the face of the city of Los Angeles's desire to seize items that they deem to be hazardous garbage.

  • Searching for Forrest Fenn's Gold

    In 2010, cancer-stricken millionaire Forrest Fenn buried a chest containing three million dollars worth of treasure somewhere in the mountains north of Santa Fe. Clues to the chest’s whereabouts are hidden in the text of a memoir and poem he published...

  • Sound Underground

    I took some time off after compulsory military service in Greece about 34 years ago and came to visit my uncle in Coober Pedy. He told me how easy it was to find opal.

  • Twenty-six Feet Under

    People who live in Coober Pedy make city kids look like pampered assholes. Life in the outback is often harsher than a straight-up hash pipe, and death is something that you tend to become pretty familiar with.