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  • When Your Entire World Is One of Hong Kong's Most-Notorious Buildings

    Chungking Mansions used to be isolated, an island in Kowloon's dense urban sprawl feared by outsiders as place of disorder and chaos.

  • Dan Leung on Falling In and Out of Love with Skating

    VICE went to Shanghai to meet the Chinese pro skater who tore it up for more than a decade before taking a three-year hiatus.

  • China's Elite Female Bodyguards

    The country's booming population of billionaires means that bodyguards are in high demand—particularly women, who are ​valued for their covert presence, precision, and elegance.

  • Drinking Tour: Ximeng

    VICE China brings MC Dawei—a Beijing-based rapper who can barely handle a couple shots—to China's hardest drinking areas in Yunnan, where the locals start drinking homemade liquor starting at 9AM everyday.

  • The Most Expensive Dog in the World

    In China, Tibetan Mastiffs have become a status symbol for a growing class of new­-money entrepreneurs.

  • Red School

    ​VICE China heads to Sitong Village to visit the People's Primary School—where kids learn reading, writing, and the wonders of Communism.