Volume 11 Issue 5

  • Belt Party Tonight

    The South isn't sleeping. Not the one I know. This South is drinking shitty bourbon by the handle, doing lines, and showing off the purple and yellow bruises striping its ass and back.

  • Dos & Don'ts

    Hey, lesbians, why you gotta hate? We're not all bad.

  • Tidbits

    Guitarist Matt Sweeney is a stallion, and stallions roam free.

  • Hamster Party Throwdown

    In the interest of putting an end to drinking contests forever (they kill 10s of people a year, you know) we decided to stage the ultimate throwdown of all fucking time.

  • But Hey, Dj, Wait A Sec!

    Face it, pal, your girl's not dancing. She might bounce around to the occasional Lil' Jon track or something, but she's not losing herself to the music in the moment.

  • Vice Fashion - The Party Issue

    Photos by Tim Barber