Volume 11 Issue 8

  • Vice Pictures

  • Old School

    Mannekin Piss is a lesson to all the poor confused hardcore bands who run out of inspiration after two EPs.

  • The Best Academic Writing of 2004

    Every year (or maybe just this year and never again), VICE pledges a giant "hello" to the magna cum laude of America's high schools.

  • Total Eclipse of the Heart

    This is the kind of heavy where your intestines rub against each other from the bass and you alternate between ecstasy and doomed grief every couple of seconds.

  • Hear Me Now!

    For those of us who still have the biggest crush on Patra, it's time to move on. Jamaica's got a new rudegal sex goddess.

  • Mucking About

    What the fuck do you do all day at school? I mean, A Levels and GCSEs are getting easier every year and no one fails them any more.

  • Hot For Teacher

    "Oh, wow, man, I said/Wait a second, man/What do you think the teacher's gonna look like this year?/Fuck man!"

  • American History X'd

    As Howard Zinn, Chuck D, and Zack de le Rocha have said countless times before, all that shiznit they taught you in school is nothing but a bunch of lies.

  • You Make Shirts Too?

    Max and Matt are from Columbus, Ohio. Despite this they turned out pretty clever.

  • Pockets Dumb Fat

    A couple of months ago in his Skinema column, the dun Chris Nieratko put me on blast for my hip-hop scholarship.

  • Tidbits

    If you're trying to hang your wife upside down and fit a banana in her ass but you don't have a thing to wear, go to any 24-hour dollar store.

  • Lessons In Love

    I first met my BUDDY Dave One at Stanislas High School, Montreal, about ten years ago.