Volume 13 Issue 9

  • Kids Flicks

    Darwin's Nightmare is a soul-shatteringly accurate documentary that depicts before your ralphing eyes the ways that people, cultures, civilization and the, um, Earth are ruined by the European Epicurean's taste for the giant (cannibalistic) Nile.

  • Axes Of Evil

    My name is Hampus and I'm 9 years old. I was the "little guy" people have been talking about who got Jon from Dissection's guitar at the Midsummer Massacre!

  • Anti-social

    An ASBO is an Anti-Social Behaviour Order given out to people who are always mucking about and getting in bother with the pigs.

  • Kids in Toyland

    If your parents were hippies, chances are you were only allowed to play with stuff you built yourself, or found in the woods. But if you had at least one corporate kid in your class you'll know that there was some good shit out there too.

  • Perv Hunters

    Xavier von Erck is the founder of Perverted-Justice.com. They're those guys who put together the Dateline specials where they pretend to be 13-year-old girls online, invite old guys who proposition them on the internet over to their "mom's house."

  • Jokes For Kids

    Joke shops are paradise! In amongst the edible underwear, penis-shaped lighters, and wind-up models of dogs having sex with women, there are tons of brightly colored, cutely packaged instruments of sabotage and vandalism that promise children not only...

  • High School Confidential

    At least once a year, someone like Time or Newsweek does a feature about, "What's up with teenagers, anyway?" They always wind up asking kids a load of horseshit questions like, "Do you think you have enough free time?" or "Are you...

  • Vice Fashion - Kids Vs Kids

    We asked kids to style kids.

  • Gays, Straight Up!

    "Gay kids are cheerful and nice. They don’t mean no harm. And straight guys… I guess they have so much anger in ’em, and they try to take it out on the gay kids. "

  • Electric Independence

    This issue, Electric Independence picked the brain of our guest critic, Jacob Poznanski. He's ten years old and lives in Stamford, a picturesque town in Lincolnshire, not far from Peterborough.

  • The Barmi Army

    I don't have very fond memories of Bar Mitzvahs. When I had my ceremonial reading of the Torah (bible) in synagogue, I freaked out and completely lost my voice.

  • Dance, Dance, Revolution!

    Are you down with the JammX? Um, they're only about to take over the entire kidz music scene.