Volume 14 Issue 12

  • Asssscat's Temporary, One-night Only, Funny Stories

    Improv comedy is the bravest, most immediate form of making up stories that there is. It's not always the funniest, or the smartest, or the best, but it's always the bravest.

  • Vice Fashion - The Second Annual Fiction Issue

    Photos by Nick Zinner, Patterson Beckwith, Jonnie Craig, Patrick Tsai, Rosalie Knox and Stacey Mark

  • A Mother's Farewell

    A young man named Oleg was left an orphan when his mother died. All he had left was his older sister, for though his father was still alive, he turned out not to be Oleg's real father. Oleg's real father, as he learned when he started going through his...

  • vice Presents The People's Lists

    HONORÉ DE BALZAC (1799-1850)Balzac, one of the supreme writers of realistic fiction, was, in his own life, a man of gross appetites and pretensions as well as of gargantuan genius and accomplishment

  • Vice Comics


  • NBA2K8

    Whether as a function of human nature or a product of being raised in a capitalist society, people like to own the newest, biggest, shiniest things.

  • My Massive Feelings (fragments From The Diary Of A Young Girl)

    Like everything else I write, this piece started out as a one-page fragment consigned for several years to the drawer of Shame and Self-Loathing. When I was living in San Diego a couple of years ago, teaching and learning to surf, I pulled it out and...

  • Dennis Cooper On Zine Days (they Were Good) And Transgressive Blogs (there Is Such A Thing)

    If you rated magazines on a scale of 100 for megasellers to 0 for practically shunned, poetry journals would barely register in the high minuses. Who exactly is the itsy

  • Night Shift

    Before the low-cost German supermarkets Aldi and Lidl came over in the late 1990s, the UK had its own homegrown "subprime" supermarket chain, Kwik Save. It grew up in North Wales near where I grew up and it pioneered the margin-boosting tactics of...

  • Assassin

    Some years ago I floated down a stretch of the Colorado River to Lake Powell on a rubber raft alongside other rafts packed with vacationing college girls, airline stewardesses, a grocer from San Jose, and I do not remember who else. It took about ten...

  • Scratch - Excerpt From A Novel In Progress

    I have been working on this novel for more than ten years. During those years, I have written and published other books, but this one remains unfinished. I have come to realize that this is because it is a work that comes forth from me only when...