Volume 9 Issue 2

  • Electric Independence

    It seems that more and more the next wave of innovative North American techno producers are calling one particular city their home: Montreal.

  • Tidbits - The Race Issue

    Previously owned exclusively by black people, two-ways are rapidly killing cell phones as the most convenient way to talk to people.

  • Skate Or Destroy

    Aaron Dilloway, John Olson, and Michael Troutman live together in Ann Arbor, skateboard every day, and play in a band aptly named Violent Ramp.

  • Beats And Rhymes

    Your man J-Live is finally dropping both his original debut album and a new one very close to each other. The Best Part, originally supposed to be released a couple years back on London, and recently bootlegged, is finally seeing an "official...

  • Boots and Braces

    The right is back. All over Europe right-wing groups are receiving support they haven't seen since Le Pen.

  • Stepfather Factory

    When I was twelve, my stepfather (Scott Bivans) beat my mother to near death. He liked to drink.

  • Vice Fashion - The Race Issue

    Photos by Sprague Hollander

  • Time Has Come Today

    Last year The Yeah Yeah Yeahs played their first gig. Singer Karen O came out slicked down in oil wearing only heart-shaped pasties on her breasts, and the band played so hard they blew headliners the White Stripes off the stage.

  • Dead Brothers

    Its been almost three years since Roger Troutman, funk pioneer and leader of Zapp, was killed in a murder/suicide by his brother Larry.

  • Angry White Hardmen

    Why is everyone so scared of Africa?