West Side

  • Why Black Chicagoans Distrust and Fear the Police

    Two weeks ago a pair of black teenagers were killed by Chicago cops in separate incidents, and residents have taken to the streets to protest, resulting in yet more clashes between a police department and a community that don't trust each other.

  • Mossless Magazine Interviews Paul D'Amato

    Paul D'Amato has been documenting dramas in the everyday lives of ordinary people for more than two decades. Mossless magazine speaks with him about photographing the West Side of Chicago for his new book, We Shall.

  • Last Chance High

    Crystal is picked up for shoplifting after disappearing for almost a week—and has left her mother on the verge of a nervous breakdown. Meanwhile, Cortez prepares to head downstate to visit his father, who is serving a life sentence in prison for murder.