Why Are You Doing That?

  • Lining Up Outside H&M For Alexander Wang

    Is lining up for non-essential items dumb or important? We asked some people who were doing it in Sydney's Macquarie Centre.

  • Piano Wrecker

    According to this piano removalist, destroying them is sometimes part of the job. We asked why.

  • UFO Researching Lego Enthusiast

    Paul Dean has a house full of classified military documents, which he scans for info on UFOs, and Lego. So why would you dedicate 22 years to that?

  • Orgy Organiser

    To find out how professional orgies are coordinated, and what makes a good one, we spoke to a guy named Pete, who was laying sex toys across a coffee table.

  • ​Sådan er livet som professionel lortedykker

    Vi snakkede med en gut, som tjener til dagen og vejen ved at dykke i menneskeligt affald. No shit.

  • Professional Poo Diver

    We're asking people why they do what they do. This week, we talk to a sewage diver.