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    Aspiration once ruled the picture-based platform, but users are starting to treat the social media app more like Twitter and Facebook.

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    xoJane recently published an essay about a white woman's surprise at seeing a heavy-set black woman at her yoga studio, and how that made her feel a bunch of liberal guilt. She even said she "cried" when she got home.

  • Cat Marnell Explains Herself

    Regular readers may have noticed that Cat Marnell’s VICE column, Amphetamine Logic, has been conspicuously absent these past few weeks. No, Cat did not blow her lips off freebasing cocaine like Richard Pryor, and no, she will not be parting ways with...

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  • The Aftermath

    If you live in my neighborhood, maybe you’ve seen me. If you read beauty and style blogs, or the "Page Six" in the past week, you’ve probably at least heard of me. My name is Cat Marnell.