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Meet the Politician Who Wants to Make the Cow ‘India’s National Mother’

Gopal Mani Maharaj—an independent candidate contesting for elections—thinks problems like terrorism, violence in Kashmir and the Ayodhya issue can be solved simply by being nicer to cows.
Zeyad Masroor Khan
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India’s First-Time Voters Tell Us What They Want From This Election

As 45 million new, young voters prepare to exercise their right, VICE speaks to some of them about how they feel—from their biggest concerns to the impact of social media on their opinions.
Shamani Joshi
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Read the 'Brief Letter' Congress Just Received About the Mueller Report's Findings

Rep. Jerry Nadler said the investigation doesn't conclude President Donald Trump committed a crime but “also does not exonerate him.”
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Goats for Votes: The Weird Reasons India’s Election Will Cost So Much

How does a government spend $US 7.5 billion on an election? By handing out freebies like blenders, television sets, and... goats.
Shamani Joshi
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Exposing Trump's Tax Returns Is Way More Important Than Impeachment

Democrats' upcoming fight to uncover Trump's financial dealings could reveal how the rich abuse the law—and help sink him.
Harry Cheadle
Jamal Khashoggi

Khashoggi’s Body Was Reportedly Burned in a Tandoori Oven. And Still The White House Refuses to Investigate.

The meeting was “a complete waste of time.”
David Gilbert
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Trump's Phony Emergency Pushed America a Little Closer Toward a Real Crisis

It's another step down a road that could lead to the end of American democracy.
Harry Cheadle
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Trump Is Too Incompetent at His Job to Escape His Own Shutdown

He started a bad fight over an unpopular wall and can't admit he's wrong.
Harry Cheadle
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Democrats Took Back the House, but Republicans Weren't Using It Anyway

There was good news for Democrats on Tuesday night, but they are still on the outside looking in.
Harry Cheadle
2018 election

The Biggest Assholes Who Lost the Midterms

Ted Cruz might have won, but a lot of other fuckheads lost.
Eve Peyser
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Voter Registration Has Surged Since Taylor Swift's Political Instagram Post say that 65,000 people signed up to vote yesterday after Swift endorsed two Democratic candidates in Tennessee.
Alex Robert Ross

Trump's Infrastructure Plan Came Out and Man, it Sucks

It's vague, doesn't offer much in the way of funding, and has no chance of passing Congress. Other than that it's pretty good.
Mark Hay