Far right

Decoding Extremism

How to Talk Someone Out of Being a Racist Dickhead

A psychology student who helped convert an extreme right radio jock told us which arguments she used and how.
Allie Conti

From Joe Rogan to the Far Right: Inside YouTube's Alt-Media Ecosystem

"Really, it is this fully fledged different media system with a totally different logic than mainstream media."
Caroline Haskins
Life Inside

My Gay Prison Gang Fights Neo-Nazis

They call us the Rainbow Warriors.
Dennis Mintun

How Fringe KKK Ideology Went Mainstream In Australia

A decade ago, many of the alt-right opinions voiced across mainstream media would have been unthinkable. So how did we get here?
Royce Kurmelovs
Australia Today

Sky News Admits Interviewing a Hitler Fan Was 'Wrong'

Although the footage with Blair Cottrell has been removed from all Sky's platforms, it's still available on nationalist sites.
Wendy Syfret

The Terrifying Trend of White Men Radicalized Online Becoming IRL Terrorists

It's no accident that young white guys with a fondness for the darkest part of the internet are descending into far-right violence.
David Neiwert
Inside Outsider

Perth Neo-Nazis Murder Tradie In Shakespearean Love Triangle

This is why they call WA the wild west.
Mahmood Fazal

This Is What It's Like to Treat an Incel as a Sex Therapist

It's a balancing act.
Allie Conti

Why We’re Thinking About Conspiracy Theorists Wrong

A study of millions of Reddit posts found there are people who fit the typical conspiracy caricature, but they’re not the majority.
Mack Lamoureux

How the Far Right Feeds on Male Insecurity

A new book explores the strange ways young men get sucked into toxic ideologies like the alt right. But according to the author, "Many of the guys who get out quietly slip back into society."
Allie Conti
Hate Island

Is It Okay to Be Gay (and in the Far-Right)?

How outspoken gay figures like Milo Yiannopoulos and Caolan Robertson go down with right-wingers, who – traditionally – haven't been big fans of the gays.
Sophie Wilkinson

Learn to Spot the Secret Signals of Far-Right Fashion

A new sociology book explores how the style of right-wing youth subcultures has evolved in Europe and what's come to replace the racist skinhead.
Allie Conti