Pregnant Woman Says Her Baby Died After Prison Guards Stopped at Starbucks on the Way to the Hospital

Three women are suing the Orange County jail for substandard care while they were pregnant.


These Law Students in Northern India Are Fighting For The Constitutional Right Of 4 Lakh Prisoners to Vote

“If one can contest for elections from within the prison, why can’t they vote too?"


Prison Escapees Describe How They Did It

"Other inmates attacked the guards. Being of a slightly mellower constitution, I stole an ice cream and went for a walk in the sun."


Prisoners Talk About How They Make and Waste Money on the Inside

"My mate books escorts and then I ring him at the brothel. I’ll listen as he fucks them how I want."


Sydney Exhibition May Contain the Corpses of Prisoners, Group Alleges

"It is not possible the bodies were 'unclaimed'," the group has written in an open letter to the Prime Minister.


Prisoners With Disabilities Are Routinely Abused in Australia

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We Spoke to Prisoners About Their Failed Escape Attempts

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I Got My Car Fixed in a Polish Prison

Warsaw's Rakowiecka Prison doesn't advertise—since it's one of the best car repair centers in the city, word of mouth is enough to keep the inmates busy.