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Near Miss

BMX Biker's Jingle Balls Saved By Fence in Christmas Miracle

This man nearly died in a BMX stunt.
Liam Daniel Pierce

How Gymnastics Is Trying To Take Over Parkour And Make It An Olympic Sport

This fight isn't merely about parkour. It's about who controls the new youth-centric sports that are the Olympics' future.
Aaron Gordon
snow room for error

How the Winter X Games Course is Made

We spoke with Chris Gunnarson, the President at Snow Park Technologies, whose work includes crafting the course for the Winter X Games.
Nathan Copelin
mark mcmorris

Olympian Mark McMorris Badly Injured in Backcountry Snowboarding Accident

McMorris, who suffered a ruptured spleen and multiple fractures, underwent two surgeries over the weekend and is recovering in a Vancouver hospital.
Kyle Cantlon

Is Portugal’s Monster Wave Now Legit in the Eyes of Surfing’s Elite?

With its first World Surf League-sanctioned tour event in the books, Nazaré is no longer just a photo-op.
Hans Aschim
Ken Block

Powersliding On The Precipice: In Conversation With Ken Block

Not only is Ken Block renowned as the co-founder of DC Shoes, he's also become one of the world's most ambitious stunt drivers. Here, we talk to him about filming his world-famous Gymkhana series, and driving to the absolute limit.
Nathan Copelin
action sports

Scaling the "Turquoise Goddess" With Pro Climber Emily Harrington

Earlier this month, Emily Harrington successfully summited Cho Oyu. Her team gave themselves just two weeks door-to-door to summit and ski the "Turquoise Goddess" – and broadcast the entire expedition to the world via social media.
Daryl Mersom

A Tribute to Dylan Rieder from Skaters Who Never Knew Him, But Loved Him

It was impossible to see Rieder at work and not feel the immense desire to skate yourself.
B. David Zarley

Skater Brian Anderson on Coming Out: "like a hundred pounds has been lifted off of my body"

"My friends sent me messages or gave me phone calls and said, 'We're so proud of you.'"
Mike Piellucci

VICE Sports Q&A: Snowboarding Legend Travis Rice Talks About His New Movie 'The Fourth Phase'

Travis Rice, who's been called the Paul Revere of big mountain freestyle, discusses how he's actually more like Thomas Edison, among other things.
Jeff Pearlman
action sports

Does Everest Have a Drug Problem?

Anecdotal evidence paints a picture of mountaineers doping their way to successful summits, sometimes with dangerous drugs. How serious and widespread is the actual problem?
Daniel Oberhaus
building skateparks

One Man’s Plan to Restore Balance to the Universe Through Skateparks

As the owner of one of the largest skatepark construction companies in the world, Mark “Monk” Hubbard says skateparks are “a tool to the universe to even out the positive and negative energies that rule the galaxies.”
Brett Cihon