4 days ago

Cancelling Student Debt Could Help Pay Your Rent. What if the Next PM Did It?

Forgiving federal government student loans could be a game-changer for a generation accused of failing to launch, and everyone stands to benefit.


Andrew Scheer Has Been Misrepresenting His Resume for 15 Years

Archived websites show the Conservative leader claiming he was a licensed insurance broker, which has been reported to not be the case.


Canadian Teens Are Pledging Not to Have Children to Fight Climate Change

Young people are thinking twice about bringing kids into “a world that is increasingly unsuitable for life.”


The .01 Percent Freakout Over Elizabeth Warren Just Makes Her More Powerful

Wall Street is vocally unhappy with the idea of a Warren presidency. That's kind of the point.


Complaint to Police Filed Against Rebel Media, Conservative Campaign Chair Hamish Marshall

Human rights lawyer Richard Warman filed a complaint with Ottawa police last week, asking them to investigate his allegations that the media organization has made Islamophobic material.


Companies Are Realizing That Being Publicly Conservative Is Really Unpopular

A new poll shows that people like brands more when they embrace progressive causes like LGBTQ rights, and dislike companies that support Republicans.


Even with Trump in Office, the Climate Denial Movement Is Quietly Falling Apart

Behind the scenes, climate deniers are losing funding and succumbing to infighting.


Conservative Senator Is an Active Member of a Far-Right Facebook Group

Three Conservative MPs were also part of the group, but said they were added without their knowledge.


What Westminster Insiders Are Saying About Boris Johnson's First Week

"It’s certainly a different style to Theresa May, but is it really better?!"


What the UK's New PM Boris Johnson’s Mates and Coworkers Say About Him

You know it's bad when even your old boss goes on record about how much he hates you.


Why a Tweet About 'Uneducated' Voters Angered So Many People

An Ottawa law professor described Conservatives as the “party of the uneducated" reinforcing the longstanding narrative as the Liberals being the party for elites.


Ontario Tourism Minister Called Eugene Melnyk, Senators Owner, a 'Fucking Loser': Reports

The exchange took place at a Rolling Stones show because of course it did.