Andrew Scheer's Climate Plan Would Increase Emissions: Expert

Scheer’s plan looks similar to the platform released recently by a major Canadian oil and gas lobby group.
Hilary Beaumont

Canadian Conservatives Are Having a Bad Time at the Online Hate Hearings

The hearings which last time saw an MP read from the Christchurch shooters manifesto again went poorly for the Conservatives.
Mack Lamoureux
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We Asked People in London: How Do You Feel About Theresa May Quitting?

In the wake of May's not-so-shock resignation, I went to Westminster to see how people felt about her departure from Number 10.
Jazmine Sleman

Twitter’s CEO Jack Dorsey to Hold Closed-Door Meeting With President Trump

The meeting will last 30 minutes, and touch on "the health of the public conversation on Twitter," according to an internal Twitter email obtained by Motherboard.
Joseph Cox
Jason Koebler

Facebook’s White Nationalist Ban Spotlights Conservatives’ Faith Goldy Ties

The former Rebel Media personality was finally banned from the platform, but she leaves behind a long legacy of rubbing shoulders with Canada’s most powerful conservatives.
Mack Lamoureux
climate change

Canada’s Environment Watchdog Calls Inaction on Climate Change ‘Disturbing’

A new report paints both the Liberals or the Conservatives as weak on climate change.
Mack Lamoureux
canadian politics

Nobody Will Feel Good About Their Vote in 2019

Between Justin Trudeau, Andrew Scheer and Jagmeet Singh, is there anyone to believe in?
Justin Ling
climate change

DC's Trumpiest Congressman Says the GOP Needs to Get Real on Climate Change

"We can believe the climate deniers or we can believe our eyes," Florida's Matt Gaetz said in an interview.
Geoff Dembicki
The VICE Guide to Right Now

These Memes Beautifully Capture How Bad Baby Boomers Are at the Internet

"Cropped Boomer Images" is a deeply weird stream of flags, guns, skulls, AOC, and more!
Peter Slattery
Views My Own

Conservatives Are Bizarrely Claiming AOC Wants to Take Your Burger Away

Surprise: It's total nonsense.
Harry Cheadle

Black Republicans Told Us Why They're Sticking with Trump

A small but vocal minority of black voters have abandoned Democrats because they don't feel that the party is looking out for them.
Janae Price

Doug Ford Reportedly Wants to Make It Easier to Throw You Out of Your Apartment

The Ontario leader is considering new rules to allow landlord to evict you in under a week.
Tamara Khandaker