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We Found the Actual Valerie From Amy Winehouse's Song ‘Valerie’

Few people know that the 2006 song is a cover; fewer still know who inspired it.
Rajul Punjabi
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Cat Power's New Single Is a Delicate Cover of Rihanna's "Stay"

The latest cut from 'Wanderer' has Chan Marshall deconstructing a mega-hit.
Alex Robert Ross
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Weaves Get Weird On Their Cover of Arcade Fire's "Neighbourhood #3 (Power's Out)"

For Polaris Prize's Cover Sessions, the band turns the Arcade Fire cut into a jittery banger.
Sarah MacDonald
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Tanya Tagaq and Damian Abraham Unite For Thrashing “Run To The Hills” Cover

The Canadian throat-singer and punk icon cover the infamous Iron Maiden single, creating a still applicable portrait of issues facing Indigenous communities today.
Sarah MacDonald
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What Is Taylor Swift's Problem?

A newly-released cover of Earth, Wind & Fire's iconic "September" returns the 28-year-old to her pop-country roots, and just sort of washes over the listener. The sheer audacity...
Alex Robert Ross

Wussy Are Still Amazing Songwriters, Even When They're Playing Covers

Listen to the Cincinnati band's brilliant cover of The Twinkeyz's "Aliens in Our Midst." It's the latest single from 'What Heaven Is Like,' out May 18.
Alex Robert Ross
Noisey News

Lorde’s Cover Of Bruce Springsteen’s “I’m On Fire” Is Pretty Special

Watch Lorde perform a rendition of the Springsteen classic.
Noisey Staff
The 2017 Music Issue

Behind the Cover of Our 2017 Music Issue

New York photographer Darin Mickey provided us with a bit of existentialism.
Darin Mickey

I Spent an Afternoon in Suburbia With Cindy Crawford and Her Fans

Who spends a day in a furniture store with a 90s celebrity? I had to find out.
Premila D'Sa
Internet Videos Of Particular Importance

Lorde's Cover Phil Collins's "In The Air Tonight" Has the Big Drums

When asked if she'd met Collins, Lorde responded: "I have not and I think I would just melt to a little pool. I think he would be like, ‘Oh no, there’s a little pool in front of me, not a person.'"
Alex Robert Ross
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Listen to Motörhead’s Boisterous Version of David Bowie’s “Heroes”

It's taken from a forthcoming Motörhead covers compilation, 'Under Cöver,' out September 1.
Alex Robert Ross
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Some Genius Recreated Smash Mouth's "All Star" with a Fidget Spinner

A cry for help?
Alexander Iadarola