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10 Things I Hate about Festivals in Canada

Let's be honest, the rest of the world isn't clamouring to come visit us come festival season.


All Destiny Events Wants for its 22nd Birthday is Bass, Bass, and More Bass

Andy C better have a "Happy Birthday" rework ready.


Seventeen People Hospitalized Due to Drug and Alcohol-Related Incidents at Chasing Summer Festival

The annual festival in Calgary had several emergencies caused by a combination of alcohol and "at least one illicit drug."


"Will Work 4 Rave": Music Festival Volunteers Across North America Strive For Compensation

A love for music and workers rights collide for music festival volunteers.


Rain May Have Stopped Digital Dreams, But It Can't Stop the Borgeous Army

Borgeous refused to let the bad weather spoil a thing.


Crate Expectations: Eva Shaw

The Torontonian DJ/model took on a rain soaked Digital Dreams and lives to tell it.


Digital Dreams 2015 Was More About Rain, Wind, and Mud Than Music

After cancelling day one, afterparties helped keep spirits up for day two.


Digital Dreams Surrenders To Rain Dance, Cancels Day 1​

Live Nation and Digital Dreams say Day 2 will run as planned.


Start Your Scheduling: Digital Dreams Announces its 2015 Schedule

The sets that go head-to-head make for a hefty bit of organizing, so let the Digital Dreams app do the work for you.


Saeed Younan Prepares You For Digital Dreams With His THUMP Guest Mix

The spirit of four-on-the-floor treats us with his live set from Memorial Day in Las Vegas.


Meet the 20-Year-Old Producer from Niagara Falls Dubbed the “Female Gesaffelstein”

The rising Canadian techno starlet and mau5trap artist is on to something.