Trump’s EPA Is Very Concerned About Homeless People And Their Poop

The Trump administration sent an unusually strong message to California about its homelessness crisis: an environmental complaint.


Under Trump, 26% of Climate Change References Have Vanished From .Gov Sites

A new report documents two years of science being scrubbed from government websites.


Scientists Said Air Pollution Would Kill Thousands, So Trump's EPA Just Changed The Math

The White House reportedly pressured the agency to downplay the risk of premature air pollution deaths.


The Trump Administration Admits It's OK Letting People Die from Dirty Air

Compared to an Obama-era rule, the EPA's new proposed regulation would cause as many as 1,400 deaths a year by 2030.


Scott Pruitt Was Somehow Too Dumb and Corrupt Even for Trump

The shadiest EPA boss ever is gone, and America is still (sort of) alive.


Trump's EPA Is a Disaster, So These Artists Made Their Own

It's run by weeds (yes, weeds)—which are somehow a plausible alternative to Scott Pruitt.


Scott Pruitt Made His Security Team Drive Him on a Quest for Fancy Lotion

What is so great about the Ritz-Carlton's official moisturizer?


Scott Pruitt is the target of no less than 10 federal investigations

Here are the big probes currently roiling Pruitt’s scandal-ridden EPA.


EPA’s leaked talking points show agency now has doubts humans cause climate change

Scott Pruitt, the leader of the EPA, is skeptical that climate change is really caused by humans


The VICE Morning Bulletin

FBI taking heat over tip about school shooting, two arrested after alleged bomb plot thwarted in NYC, norovirus hits athletes at Winter Olympics, and more.


Trump's EPA Chief Scott Pruitt Says Global Warming Might Be a Good Thing

"We know that humans have most flourished during times of, what, warming trends?"


No one is blocking a coal lobbyist from becoming the EPA's second-in-command

The Democrats recently trained their fire on Trump’s nominee to run the Council on Environmental Quality, and she withdrew her nomination.