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The Long Shadow of the Oka Crisis on the Children Who Were There

How one of the worst civil strifes in Canada's modern history shaped a generation.


Conservative MP Confuses Party’s Own Spin With Commitment to Fund Shoal Lake 40’s Freedom Road

The Conservatives still don't support a road that would help give a First Nation a water treatment plant.


Study Shows Residential School Sex Abuse Has Generational Impact

The study showed if an indigenous girl had at least one parent who attended residential school, they were 10 times more likely to be sexually assaulted later in life.


Blended Kahnawake Family Defying Reserve’s Controversial ‘Marry Out, Get Out’ Eviction Notice

A blended family's fight to stay on a Quebec reserve is bringing up questions of First Nations sovereignty.


Mount Polley Mine’s Headquarters Raided Six Months After Massive Spill

Four government agencies executed four search warrants as part of a joint investigation into the mining disaster. Meanwhile, Imperial Metals' Red Chris mine in northern BC started digging.


An Allegory of Canada for 2014: Rinelle Harper, Nicki Minaj, and Italian Art History

Rinelle Harper survived a brutal attack still brave enough to call for an inquiry into the disappearance and murder of indigenous women. Stephen Harper says it's not a priority. Shawon Kinew looks at Italian art and a possible artistic allegory for the...


New Oil and Gas Pipelines Could Pose a Serious Threat to Canada’s North West

“This is not a feasible project. There’s too much opposition to it and we’re really not willing to risk our territories, our waters, for projects that aren’t even economically sound."


‘Trick or Treaty’ Shows What Lengths the Government Will Go to Protect Their Interests

We spoke to director Alanis Obomsawin about her film Trick or Treaty, which looks at the infamous Treaty 9—the agreement wherein First Nations communities allegedly signed over sovereignty of their land.


Did the Government of Ontario Lie to Stop a First Nation Elder's Hunger Strike?

An activist says promises made by Ontario's Minister of Aboriginal Affairs were lies to get a First Nation Elder to stop a hunger strike.


Reporting from a Vigil Held for the Murder of a Teenage Aboriginal Girl

We attended a memorial in Winnipeg on Tuesday night that honoured the memory of Tina Fontaine, a 15 year-old girl whose body was found in a bag and wrapped in plastic somewhere along Manitoba’s Red River on Sunday.


The Mount Polley Tailings Pond Disaster Has Sparked a First Nation Blockade

The collapse of a man-made lake full of mining waste in BC last week sparked outrage among environmentalists the world over. Now a First Nations group in a town 12 hours north has established a blockade at a separate mining development owned by the...


A Close Look at Two Jailed Mi'kmaq Warriors Who Protested Big Oil in New Brunswick

Mi'kmaq Warrior Society members Germaine Breau and Aaron Francis were recently sentenced after ninth months in custody for their involvement in a controversial and expensive RCMP raid of an anti-shale gas encampment in New Brunswick last year.