Trump’s EPA Is Very Concerned About Homeless People And Their Poop

The Trump administration sent an unusually strong message to California about its homelessness crisis: an environmental complaint.


Ed Buck Is Facing Federal Charges for Allegedly Injecting Men with Meth in Chemsex Fetish

If convicted of the federal drug offense, Buck could spend the rest of his life in prison without parole.


Trump Is Going to War with California Because He Thinks Homeless People Are Polluting the Ocean

Trump is now threatening San Francisco with an environmental citation.


Los Angeles Might Start Punishing Homeless People Based on Where They Sleep

Like schools, parks, or otherwise “crowded public sidewalk areas.”


The Creative and Cruel Ways People Make Life Hell for the Homeless

It's not just playing "Baby Shark" over and over.


What It Really Means for the Infamous Ottawa McDonald’s to End 24-Hour Service

It’s been made famous for its viral brawls and wild Reddit posts, but the Rideau McDonald’s is really just a symptom of larger problems in the neighbourhood.


Very Good Human Gets Hotel Rooms for 70 Homeless During Chicago's Storm

"We’re thrilled they’re safe and warm, at least for a few days."


The Viral Homeless Vet GoFundMe That Raised $400K Was Allegedly a Scam

This story just keeps getting more messed up.


Mookie Betts Fed Homeless People in Boston at 2 AM After World Series Game

The outfielder showed up to the Boston Library in the middle of the night, handing out trays of food to the homeless after the Red Sox took a 2-0 series lead over the Dodgers.


The Murder of the Homeless Woman Found Wrapped in Tape

Angela Millington's killing represents just one of the many under-reported murders of homeless people.


San Francisco Formed a 'Poop Patrol' to Deal with the City's Street Turds

They'll be scouring the city for human waste starting next month.


Toronto armoury to open as homeless shelter amid cold snap

About 5,500 people use Toronto’s shelters to escape the cold