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Teenager Dead and Two Others Hospitalized After Concert at Toronto Nightclub

Toronto Police were called to REBEL on Friday night for two reported drug-related medical incidents.
THUMP Canada Staff
thump news

Toronto's Sound Academy to Become "Mega Entertainment Complex"

Experience "new heights of hedonism."
THUMP Canada Staff
Festival Season!

VELD Music Festival Announces Refunds After Extreme Weather Evacuation

There's always a rainbow after the rain.
THUMP Canada Staff
Festival Season!

VELD Music Festival 2015 Left Toronto Drenched and Disappointed, Cancels Day Two

So much for rain or shine.
THUMP Canada Staff
Festival Season!

VELD Music Festival Takes a Page From Digital Dreams’ Book, Introduces New Health and Safety Resources

Complimentary health and safety kits, amnesty boxes, and PSAs between DJ sets—it's a whole new VELD.
Rachael D’Amore
Festival Season!

Digital Dreams 2015 Was More About Rain, Wind, and Mud Than Music

After cancelling day one, afterparties helped keep spirits up for day two.
Daniel Melfi

Clubscape: Ennkay Digital

“I feel like I’m missing a limb when I go to a party and I don’t have my camera on me.”
Connie Chan
deep dives

Welcome to the Future of Canadian Clubbing

Canadians won't be left out in the cold when looking for a next generation club experience.
Jesse Champagne
Festival Season!

​HARD Announces New Festival in Toronto

You will #goHARD when you see this lineup.
Jesse Champagne
Festival Season!

VELD Music Festival Gives Us a Taste of its 2015 Lineup

The announcement has likely triggered at least one mau5 enthusiast to share
THUMP Canada Staff

The Guvernment's Founders Reflect on its History and the Future of Clubbing in Toronto

Guv-tears, Guv-fam, Guv-life, now Guv-withdrawal.
Connie Chan

A Collection of Guvernment Memories From the People Who Built It

We celebrate the final chapter of The Guvernment with quotes from John Digweed, Gareth Emery, Markus Schulz, and more.
THUMP Canada Staff