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    • 12.19.16

      The VICE Morning Bulletin

      Anti-Trump protestors rally ahead of Electoral College confirmation, evacuation of eastern Aleppo resumes, and more.

    • 9.27.16

      The VICE Morning Bulletin

      Snap polls suggest Hillary Clinton won the first debate, Colombia's government and the FARC rebel group sign a peace deal, water plumes may have been spotted above Jupiter's moon, and more.

    • 9.16.16

      The VICE Morning Bulletin

      This morning, the Trump campaign accepts that Obama is actually a US citizen, labor law protestors clash with police in Paris, and the Fed has recalled one million Samsung Galaxy Note 7s due to explosions.

    • 7.25.16

      Michael Jordan Speaks Out About Recent Police Shootings

      Jordan may be late to the party, but it's certainly an important first step.

    • 6.22.16

      The VICE Morning Bulletin

      This morning, a man claims he was the Orlando shooter's lover, North Korea launches more missile tests, protesters gather outside Donald Trump's golf course in Scotland, and more.

    • 6.21.16

      The VICE Morning Bulletin

      This morning, a man is arrested for attempting to shoot Donald Trump, Clinton condemns the Senate for blocking gun control, the model of the car that killed Anton Yelchin was recently recalled, and more.